KAMP receives full year CMO license from Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO)

The Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) has been awarded a full-year collective management license by the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO), allowing the organization to collect and distribute royalties on behalf of music producers in Kenya. This milestone achievement follows KAMP's successful completion of a forensic audit and royalty distribution for the period under review, as well as meeting other necessary conditions set by KECOBO.

KAMP's Chairperson, Ms. Faith Kithele, expressed her joy at the news, stating that it was a significant achievement for the organization and the entire music industry in Kenya. "This full-year collective management license is a game-changer for us. It provides stability and certainty for our operations, which will allow us to better serve our members and ensure that they receive their rightful royalties," said Ms. Kithele.

With the full-year license, KAMP is now able to enter into licensing agreements with various music users, including radio and television stations, bars, and restaurants. The license also strengthens KAMP's ability to fight piracy and protect the rights of music producers in Kenya.