08 Jan 2018

Notice is hereby given to all Producers of Sound Recordings i.e. Record labels and Self-produced artists, that Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) is in the process of paying the second and final royalty distribution (pay for play) amounting to KES 4,275,000 based on broadcast airplay for music monitored by the year ended 2016.

07 Sep 2017

Justice Chitembwe has pursuant to an Application filed by Safaricom on the request of KAMP & PRISK clarified his Orders in Petition No.5 of 2016.He stated as follows;

“That artists shall have the right to receive their royalties through channels of their choice. Artists who wish to be paid through the CMOs shall have the liberty to do so and Safaricom shall be under obligation to honour their wishes. Those who wish to be paid through other channels likewise shall have the liberty to do so.”

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