The Kenya Association of Music producer has encouraged the media to enhance awareness among Kenyans on the rights and interests of producers of sound recordings in Kenya.

Speaking during an interactive meeting between Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and Kenya Association of Music producers, Dr. Mbugua Njoroge acknowledged that the media play a big role in promoting Kenyan content. He urged media houses to uphold integrity by acknowledging collective management organizations and the role they play, adding that by media houses honoring their obligations; the creative sector will help musicians to continue to produce more and better content for media consumption.

The media plays a big role in the society as they are mediums of spreading information and communication to the masses. And KBC being the first ever broadcaster in Kenya has contributed immensely in the growth of local productions and content. Kenya has over 250 TV and radio stations and we want all of them to be compliant”, he said.

“As the Bodies entrusted with broadcasting of content, the media need to also protect the copyright of musicians. There is need to appreciate our creatives by ensuring that you are compliant. Artists spend a lot of money to produce their work so people can enjoy it. It’s only fair for them to be compensated.” Said Dr. Mbugua

Dr. Mbugua said that his team is ready to collaborate with the KBC to create awareness and educate the public on the law of copyright and related rights to help avoid issues of copyright infringement.

In his remarks, the managing Director of KBC, Naim Bilal reiterated on the need to protect the works of producers. "for a people to develop, they must embrace shared values and culture, we need to protect the works of producers and performers because they put in their skills, time and investments. its imperative on us the media we lead by example."