The Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) was incorporated in 2003 as a not for profit company, limited by guarantee with the founding Directors comprising Bruce Odhiambo, Japheth Kilonzo Kasanga, Justus Manthi Ngemu, Babu Allan Kanyottu, Edmond Odongo Josiah and Joseph Kamaru Macharia. Today, KAMP has grown into an internationally recognised Collective Management Organisation (CMO) representing more than 700 music producers within the territory of Kenya. KAMP was licensed in May 2008 to operate as a CMO by the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO).

Our Founders


• Producers of sound recordings protect their skills and investments against other persons' unauthorized use;

• Producers of sound recordings hold the right to authorize or prohibit the reproduction of the sound recordings;

• Producers of sound recordings hold the right of remuneration when recordings are used for broadcasting or communication to the public among others;


•Empower our members economically through efficient and transparent leadership.

•Help all producers of sound recordings to fully understand their rights.


•To collect license fees and fairly distribute royalties to the makers and controllers of sound recordings, enabling them to fully benefit from their Intellectual Property Rights and make additional economic gain from their productions.;

•To protect and advocate for the rights of its rights holders;


•We act with integrity and respect;

•We are transparent;

•We give our members first priority;

•We treat our members fairly and equally;

•We are committed;


• To collect license fees on behalf of rights holders and to distribute royalties accurately, fairly and equitably;

• To provide a forum for discussing matters of common interest and to promote dialogue between various independent creative arms of the entertainment industry;

• To establish and maintain bonds and reciprocity between the Association and similar associations elsewhere in the world;

• To promote ethical business practices within KAMP memberships;

• To establish and enforce rules and a code of conduct for the regulation, maintenance and promotion of standards for members, management, employees, directors and agents in their dealings with each other and with third parties;

• To take such action as may be necessary by legal or other processes for the protection of the rights of its members; and

• To act as an intermediary between stakeholders, industry players and the relevant government bodies so as to lobby and aid in proposed new legislation, or amendments to existing statutes in line with the current industry scene and technological developments.

• To ensure that members whose works are commercially used are paid their royalties in accordance with our distribution rules